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DropPay provide the DialerWorks Resource, a self-provisioning system for the creation of global Micro Payment Gateway dialers. The DialerWorks Platform is the most advanced 'carrier-class' dialer system in the world. The dialer has come of age in the form of the MPG dialer.

* Create and edit highly sophisticated multi-payment dialers with over 40 country-specific routes, in six languages.
* Dynamic scripts for offering your own real-time "Dialer Engine" Resource, powered with yours, or our, own content.
* Automatic creation of complete dialer-driven "Frontal" pages, with automatically created dynamic dialer links.
* Use your content, routes and numbers, or ours.

We've combined the best terminations and payment terms with probably the world's most sophisticated dialer system. The system is extremely powerful, although very easy to use. Combined with our experience and financial resources, DropPay is your route to better conversions, longer hold-times, and higher returns.

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